As well as adding beauty to your home and a friendly welcome to family and friends, carpet also has numerous practical benefits. Not only is it hard wearing but it’s also warm, soft, sensuous and cosy, and has long been recognised as providing that extra comfort

Carpet maintenance

It is important to vacuum your carpet regularly and certainly at least once a week. Heavy traffic areas should be vacuumed daily.
The more care you take of your carpet, the longer it will look good and the longer it will last.

An unlimited choice of colours, textures, designs and qualities. Whatever colour you need we should have it – and if it’s not available some of our manufacturers will make it especially for you

Soft, tactile, comfortable and cosy, nothing quite matches the feel of padding around on a soft, sumptuous carpet. It is sheer luxury underfoot! And you can now have these luxurious carpets with up to 20 year guarantees against both wear and staining

Perfect for absorbing sound. Due to its soft cushioning properties and helped with a quality underlay, carpet can significantly reduce impact noise, resulting in a calmer, stress-free environment. Professionally laid carpet can result in a quieter life